Top 10 things to do during Covid 19 Lockdown

It has been over three weeks now since the UK began the lockdown, and for some it has been even longer!

There are some great ideas circling around to do with your families, but you must remember to not get to stressed and anxious about doing everything you see.

The amount of resources can be quite overwelming!

You are isolation schooling not home educating there is a difference and although you don’t want your child to fall behind in development have you ever thought about this?

Your child will be developing hugely in many different ways not just academically.

Your child will be learning how to be resilient to crisis issues.

Your child will be learning to connect in a more deeper way, connecting with family and nature in a way you never expected!

Your child will be learning to connect safely online and be more hands on with nature.

Your child will notice!

Your child will notice the birds singing, taking notice of what birds they may be.

Your child will learn to take notice in soaking in the silence of the hustle and bustle and taking notice the wild sounds they hear.

Your child will be mindful beings.

Your child is learning empathy in a deeper level as they experience this crisis.

Your child is learning creativity at it’s best, making the most of what resources you have to provide entertainment.

Your child is learning about health and wellbeing.

Your child will be learning how to cook, and be healthy.

Your child will be learning through daily household chores.

Your child will be learning what is essential and what is not essential.

Your child will be making shopping lists and understand what each product is needed for.

Your child is learning how to manage their emotion in very strange circumstances.

Your child is learning how to be independent in their learning.

Your child will now be learning in a varied manner, not just at a school table but at a dining table, at the tv, at a computer screen, on a walk, in the garden, in the house, with family, they will be learning off one another!

They will value family time so much more than they did before!