How it all began

Summer 2019

No I had always said…. no it’s not the right time! What if it didn’t work out?

But this summer I said YES!

For years I have been toying with starting my own dream … Owning my very own Forest School company. Outdoors has always been a drive in my home life, practice and work mindset.

About 4 years ago after my Forest School training I had been playing around with names and came up with Forest Frontiers…

To create little explorers of the next generation and this really has been my little dream.

I started to create a business plan and a Facebook page and got myself all excited about getting outside but life and work took over and before I knew it, time was passing by, very quickly.

So instead of pursuing my little dream I just plodded on, with my usual work life …

I had always been busy working full time, going to university in the evenings, working after hours just to get the job done, but I now found myself doubting, dreading, and the anxiety began to creep in. I would often lay wide awake in bed thinking of all the things I need to do… often thinking I wouldn’t be like this if I did my Forest Frontiers. After all the years of busy work life I found myself to have lost my little light, a work life balance and I was burning the candle at both ends.

In the Summer 2019 I took some annual leave and found myself being drawn into my little dream of Forest Frontiers again. I had recently moved to a beautiful area and loved our home as it brought nature, wildlife and the outdoors much more into our lives than before with local nature reserves on my door step I could help being drawn back into outdoors. I was sat in my back garden watching all the birds come and visit our feeders and thought “this is what I miss, connecting with outdoors, taking time out to watch nature and it brought back fond memories of all the amazing things I did in my Forest School training”

I knew I wasn’t happy in what I was currently doing … As I sat there I asked myself what truly makes you happy Amanda?

Instantly my mind brought me to all the things I did at the nurseries with teams and children. I loved training people and I loved being outdoors and making a difference to children’s lives and with that question answered, I was drawn straight back to Forest Frontiers!

So with this I opened my laptop and went on the search for locations where my new venture could take us, I started another business plan, I got logos and a business name for the training and consultancy aspect. That was it!

This was the start of Blue Sky Learning and our Forest Frontiers sessions!

We decided on Blue Sky Learning because of the variety of ideas I had going on and Forest Frontiers would be the sessions on offer under Blue Sky Learning.

This was the start of our exciting journey!