I’m thrilled to be joining Forest Frontiers!

My background is in primary education, with a special fondness for early years, mainly because in my experience this is where most freedom has existed for free play and outdoor learning.

Children have an infectious awe, wonder and curiosity.

I love learning with them and from them!

I was blessed to grow up in the countryside, at a time when children had the freedom to play outside, unsupervised for extended periods of time. I used to enjoy (and I still do) wandering through fields, reading and drawing in quiet spots, climbing trees, making mud pies, collecting flowers and looking for creatures. I love observing the small details whilst absorbing the bigger picture that nature has to offer.
I continued my interest into adulthood, studying Biology at university.

Now, like many of you I’m sure, I have a keen interest in protecting the natural environment which plays out into some of the day to day choices I make.

I believe that when children connect with nature they will become appreciative and respectful of it in meaningful ways.

Nature has the power to heal us and the power to heal itself.

My hope is that we and especially our children, learn and experience the importance of this, feel the joy in the moment and develop a passion to make a difference now and in the future.

I am excited to play whatever small part I can!

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